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Instant Direct Mail Services Ltd.

Business Segments

We have over 10 digital press and workshop with area 20,000+ sq. ft. We promise to make direct mailing and cross-border mailing easy and reliable worldwide.

Print Services

On Demand Printing work with the actually quantity needed. No matter how complex your campaign requirements are, our top of the line digital presses maintains it accuracy and outstanding results for your job.

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Data Solution

We know that your data is sensitive, so high standards are kept ensuring its security. We handle sensitive information from partners all around the globe. Our operations follow the ISO27001 (Data Security and Confidentiality) Guidelines to ensure the security of customer data.

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Lettershop Services

Our in-house, full-suite of mailing services allow your campaign to go from press team to mailing team within the building.

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Circular Service

Circular Service is a geographically targeted medium to get your promotional messages across to potential customer segments, both consumer and commercial, without the need for printing address.

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Cross-border Direct Mail Service

To cope with today's ever changing business environment we have launched the ultimate one stop solution for companies that need cross-border mailing services. The whole process is operated by the professional team and completed in Hong Kong. Our ultimate goal is to improve the efficiency of global customers through simple and convenient services, and reduce the cost of postage by at least 30%, including printing, data printing, and cut down the overall operational cost to at least 50%.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

HK Kids Eye Care Fund Limited ("The Fund") was established in 2016. Since establishment, the Fund has been upholding the mission of “Prevent, Cure and Eradicate Blindness”. The Fund focuses on people who are underprivileged, including the elderly, children and migrants to provide eye care service. Through collaboration with community organizations and volunteer ophthalmologists, we had carried out events that helped the needy to have the eye examination, and helped to raise public awareness of eye health.

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By Mr. Henry Choi - Managing Director

IDMS is a direct mailing company that has been established for more than 20 years. Today, we're a leading printing and mailing company based in Hong Kong. We provide printing and mailing services for companies that believe in the power of direct mail marketing and provide services of all sizes and complexities. Our clients include major national brands and array of enterprises across industries such as the elite international banks, Hong Kong Jockey Club, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and SUN Mobile.

At IDMS we all share a common vision - To do everything we can to support our partners in the most honest way. Our professional customer service team provides instant services, you will be notified on your order progress at a timely manner, which is similar to those prime courier houses.

Our production are operated by automation, upon receipt of your sketch design, we will put into actions; cutting, printing, folding, and packaging - that give us the capability of handling high volume order of 80,000~100,000 mails a day.

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