Our CSR Project

With a clear vision and commitment to corporate social responsibility,
IDMS is determined to integrate economic, social and environmental considerations into organisational strategies and operations.

We care about the well-being of the local communities and continuously support different non-profit organisations in youth education, self-lived elderly care and children's healthcare services, especially in children eyes-care.

In 2016, IDMS has become the honorary board director of
HK Kids Eye Care Fund Limited ("The Fund"); for the purpose of raise awareness of children eye-care, provide eye care service, and encourage staffs, friends and family to give back to the community.

HK Kids Eye Care Fund Limited has been upholding the mission of “Prevent, Cure and Eradicate Blindness”. The Fund focuses on people who are underprivileged, including the elderly, children and migrants to provide eye care service. Through collaboration with community organizations and volunteer ophthalmologists, we have carried out events that helped those needed to receive eye examination, and we have helped to raise public awareness of eye health.

For further information, please visit: https://www.hkkec.com.hk/