Mr. Henry Choi from IDMS Digital Production Ltd. aimed to be the first "King of DM solution"

The founder of IDMS Digital Production Ltd. and IDMS DM Solution Centre, Mr. Henry Choi, established the companies in 80s. With his passion and confidence on letter post-processing technology; insight into market opportunities; aimed to the market advantage and steadily explore, he rapidly update the products and service to matches the market’s need. The high quality user-centric management service gained trust and support from our customers. Mr. Choi then setup workshops, which have geographical advantage to nearby post office, to secure the growing of the new started business. Ten years ago, Mr. Choi noticed the importance of branding and named the company as “IDMS Digital Production Ltd.”. It represents pioneer and leader. The establishment of a higher service quality and industry leading company is then setup to help customers to solve their barriers.

In reviewing the impact of the reform and open of the China in 80s, Mr. Choi believed the mainland postage and wage is relatively low when comparing with Hong Kong. A large number of printing companies had migrated their post processing service unit to mainland and leaded to the downturn of letter post processing service market in Hong Kong. Due to increasing postage and cost recently years, policy adjustment etc… The printing companies gradually return to Hong Kong. This is the dawn of letter post processing market in Hong Kong and Hong Kong became a internally well-known for the high quality letter post processing service.

With the advantages brought by the local market changing and the after years of accumulated experience, Mr. Choi aimed to be the first “King of DM solution” in Hong Kong. Bringing the team to success and leverage the advanced equipment to keep company growing are always Mr. Choi’s goals.

Professional Team

The IDMS professional team has been providing letter sealing service, digital printing service variable data printing service, one stop express mail processing and Mainland mailing service to Hong Kong companies in different industries. Production and post processing market suffered recruitment difficulties for a long period. Mr. Choi setup the company in TO KWA WAN to attract the new arrival from mainland. He helped to create job opportunities for the district and helped the new arrival from mainland to integrate into society. In the year of 2015, IDMS has become a member of “Caring Company Scheme” to qualify the contribution for the society.

As the increasing demand and the growing of revenue, Mr. Choi leads IDMS to be an innovative, excellent and customer-trusted company. In the future, Mr. Choi will expend the company workshop with double the workshop space and labor, which is 6,000 ft. now. It all inside the roadmap of become the "King of DM solution" and builds the kingdom step by step.

Advanced post processing equipment

As the market is changing every day, all of us need to equip ourselves to comply with it, or will be eliminated. To avoid the accident before it happens is the key successful reason to win the customer’s trust. As the leader if IDMS, Mr. Choi always remind this market rule to himself for keeping the prescient vision of the company. IDMS has 9 production digital printer, which have high printing speed, to cope with the total solution of digital printing, letter sealing and mailing services. It helps the customers to control the completion time and have a better time management form the project schedule.

"Lots of customers hope that the printing companies could provide one stop service, included letter sealing and processing but it is difficult to accomplish due to the limitation of the workshop space and manpower. As a professional letter processing service company, we offer that kind of solution to our customers and we can rarely find another company like us, who is focus on the letter processing service. Since a lot of products and letters cannot be processed in mainland, processing in Hong Kong become the trend and advantage. Letters involve personal information on it. How to protect customer’s personal data to be highly confidential is IDMS’s top concern. We use a server in separated network to handle the data processing. We do not keep multiple copies for customer’s data. We have 7x24 CCTV monitoring system. We applied ISO 9001 quality management certified operation mode. We have NDA and data security policy for the handling of customer’s data. So that customer do not need to worry about data leakage.

Scientific management and inspection system

With years of experience, IDMS has formed a unique scientific management and inspection system. "All IDMS management and sales staff start from working level to ensure the understanding of each processing step and requirements. So we can have a better solutions and recommendations for customers, avoid unnecessary waste of time and cost savings. Just like our name "DM Solution Centre", we become a professional company providing solutions in letter processing service. High efficiency become is our way to win. We have clean and comfortable workplace environment; strict and detailed regulatory; verification between each steps; multiple supervision and management to ensure the accuracy of each job. We accumulate experience from every working process. Summarize and seek different ways to complete each job. Each piece of mail form our customers is treated like a product to IDMS staff. It is to guarantee that we provide the most efficient way and the best quality solution to customers. The company requires every employee to take the job in a serious attitude. Each employee is trained to stick the workflow together with the skillful processing level. Because we believe that quality is the first priority to make us stand long enough and take a good place in the market."

Fight for greater market share

IDMS has numbers of long-term customers. Like internationally renowned brands, local department stores and universities. We have established close relationship with several printing companies locally. We have handled over ten million letters over the years. Mr. Choi said that paper propagates still occupy significant market share in the Chinese region. Letter processing market survives if the printing service exists. Hong Kong printing service is international well known. It has an excellent service, convenient, express mailing channels and unique conditions add together to create unlimited business opportunities for Hong Kong's letter processing services. IDMS now further develop the cosmetics packaging production lines for providing convenient packaging services to the imported product line. In the future, our targeted customer is not limited from printing market but also the deployment of overseas markets. We planned to make use of Hong Kong's postal resources to open up postal services between mainland and Hong Kong. Fully implement of business diversification. In the coming one or two years, IDMS will increase the pace of expansion. Strive for greater market share of mail processing with accurate cost control and pioneering for more customers. To let more customers know about the processing services in Hong Kong. Make them associate with IDMS when mention mail processing service. We aimed to become customer-centric and professional solutions company. We will publicize the letter processing service and become a relatively new industry in Hong Kong.